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Atlanta Directory – Psychologist

    PFPA’s psychologists provide individual, marital, family and group therapy for a variety of problems. If you are struggling with addiction, eating problems, marital struggles, loss, trauma, anxiety or depression, our team of skilled professionals can help.

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    Psychologists can and do help clients who are struggling with painful feelings and situations, as well as those who feel they are not getting enough stimulation and growth from a relatively satisfying life situation. I will help you look at your own thoughts, feelings and actions in order to discover more effective ways to meet your needs and create a more satisfying life for yourself. I believe in respectful, honest and lively interactions between therapists and clients and enjoy working with all types of clients.

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    When you’re dealing with things like depression, ADHD, suicidal thoughts, chronic stress, or relationships that make you want to tear your hair out (or at least what little is left of it, anyway), it’s gonna take more than a power drill and some elbow grease to fix up your mental health.

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    You can change your relationship with food and how you feel about your body. You can live a life where thoughts about food do not get in the way of living your life to the fullest.Together we will work as a team to improve your relationship with food and help you feel more confident. I help people struggling with an eating disorder, binge eating, emotional eating, body image, yo-yo dieting, bulimia, or other eating related concerns. I also have specific training and experience working with clients with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. I help people who are feeling stuck and wanting to make a change.

    The experienced Psychologists at the Atlanta Network have specialized in Marital, Family and Individual Therapy since 1988. As an independently practicing psychologist an Atlanta Network Psychologist can provide: Individual therapy, Marital or Couples Therapy, Family therapy, Clinical Supervision, and Psychological Assessment. Any Atlanta Network psychologist can provide services to adults and adolescents as well as Psychological Assessment for adults, adolescents and children.

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