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Product Bulletin
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


STAR® RUST ARREST™ is a specialty coating that is used for asphalt surfaces
riddled with rust spots and streaks. It hides and significantly retards the
continued rusting of “pyrites” (iron bearing aggregate) in the
pavement. Without the use of STAR® RUST ARREST™ rust spots erupt even
through sealcoated surfaces. These eruptions eventually allow salt and
moisture to penetrate into the asphalt surface causing damage to the
pavement, which manifest as cracks, and pot holes. STAR® RUST ARREST™ dries
to a black satin finish that will not only protect but also beautify the
pavement. STAR® RUST ARREST™ is a pavement maintenance product that will
act as an important part of your regular pavement maintenance schedule
providing two distinct benefits – protection of the asphalt surface and
prohibition of the staining and damaging rust deposits in iron contaminated
asphalt surfaces.

* Will prevent rust spotting and improve surface appearance.
* Is easy to use. Use straight from the container with conventional
* Dries in 30 minutes, Cures in as few as 2 to 4 hours.
* Use as a black coating by itself or as part of a system and apply
traditional sealcoating after treating the rust spots.
* Use as an affective primer over striping to black out existing
traffic controls and lot lines.
* Dries to rich black satin finish.
* Safe to store and easy water clean up.

STAR® RUST ARREST™ is recommended on all asphalt surfaces with rust
spotting problems; parking lots, airports, gas stations, home
driveways, schools, malls, etc.